Land Rover Diary

The contents of this section was first published on the Land Rover UK forums and my thanks go to the moderators of that forum for their permission to repost the content here.

I found the Land Rover UK forum to be the most welcoming and helpful of those I looked at concerning the ownership, maintenance and repair of Land Rover vehicles, plus they let me post these ravings in their blogs section with very little interference! However, I hasten to add that there are a wealth of other forums out there for Land Rover owners, I just happen to like Land Rover UK.


Over the course of many years in my youth (blimey, I'm not that old!) I have owned a number of Land Rover vehicles, but for the last ten years or so, due to family etc, I have not had one. In mid 2010, however, I got the opportunity to buy one again, and so with very little persuasion, I went ahead and bought it.
The blog entries below chart the trials and tribulations of my purchase and ownership of my Land Rover Defender 90.